Raboso del Piave: what they haven’t told you yet

When you speak of Raboso you must think of Veneto.

Once called ‘Rabbioso’ or ‘wine of the Piave river’, Raboso is a local red grape variety with a history stretching back thousands of years, probably mentioned under the name of Picina by Pliny the Elder
In the Serenissima Republic of Venice in the 17th century, as Jacopo Agostinetti recounts, ‘vin moro’ was consumed in large quantities

Its name evokes anger, rage, and is probably due to the fruit’s angular flavour.


Don’t call him Rabosetto, Rabosino, Rabosello

‘Give me a ‘rabosetto‘,’ people used to say in taverns after the Second World War. But the Rabosetto frizzante, or frizzantino now belongs to a time gone, but as often happens, reputation precedes you.

It is time for clarity.

Today, Raboso, in its DOC Piave and DOCG Malanotte del Piave declinations, is anything but a meal wine. This is a great Italian red wine with a clear identity firmly rooted in the Piave area.


Becoming a great Italian red wine

There are the Tuscan reds, the noble Piedmontese wines, the aromatic grapes of southern Italy and then there is he, the Raboso. Those who do not know him avoid him. Why then should we love him? ‘You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the villain,’ said in the “The Dark Knight” movie

Raboso is in constant balance between good and evil To produce Raboso, the grapes are left to dry in a fruit cellar for about 90 days, after which wine is made. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine is left to age in barrels and barriques for about 24 or 36 months before being bottled. Its rashness is tamed, its vehemence restrained by time.

If, on the other hand, you wish to be a little more patient, Raboso lends itself very well to ageing, up to more than 10 years. If it is forgotten in the cellar, the Raboso remains waiting to be rediscovered to come back to life in all its splendour.

Sangue del Diavolo AwardSangue del Diavolo Raboso Piave DOC

10% dried grapes

Ageing: 24 months in wooden barrels






Notti di Luna Piena Raboso DOCG Malanotte del PiaveNotti di Luna Piena Raboso Malanotte DOCG

30% dried grapes.

Ageing: 36 months in wooden barrels



Pairing Raboso with meat but also with fish

Who said that red wine cannot be paired with fish?

Raboso del Piave is an austere wine with aromas reminiscent of morello cherry, wild blackberry and plum, but also cinnamon, leather, vanilla and pepper.

In the mouth, this wine is magnificent, supported by powerful tannins, with pleasant acidity and excellent persistence.

But what is the best dish to pair with Raboso?

Raboso is the best with game and particularly spicy meat dishes. However, it also goes very well with swordfish or bluefin tuna.

And now, our suggestion with our local menu

Meat menu

  • Starter: hot crostino with seasoned “coppa” and chanterelles
  • First course: risotto with sausage and radicchio from Treviso
  • Main course: venison stew with polenta

How about a slightly more fusion fish menu?

  • Starter: swordfish tartare and pink pepper
  • First course: paccheri with baccalà (dried cod)
  • main course: tuna tataki


Raboso, legends and territory

There are many stories that unite peasant life, legend and Raboso.

One of the legends passed down along the Piave river tells that it was goblins who gave man the first Raboso plant. Another story says that to drink Raboso you need three people: one to convince the other to drink, the second to drink, and the third to hold the second after having.

The reality is that Raboso deserves to be a great Italian wine

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