Merlot DOC Venezia

Merlot Ca' di Rajo
Merlot Ca' di Rajo
Merlot DOC Venezia
Merlot DOC Venezia
Vintage: 2022
Alcohol content: 13%Vol.

Da 8,90

Merlot is one of the most famous international wines. Smooth and structured, with a wild fruits aroma and spicy cinnamon notes from the aging in oak. In the glass it has a ruby red color, with garnet reflections. In the mouth is elegant and soft, with a pleasant finish and moderate tannins. Easy-to-pair red wine.
Ideal with roast white meat, grilled meat or medium mature cheese. Our recommendation is to pair the Merlot with roast rabbit.
DOC Venezia
Merlot 100%
Mid September
Maceration on the skins for 15/20 days
  • 92 pts. (2023) | 93 pts. (2022) | 92 pts. (2021) - Annuario Luca Maroni
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