Epsilon, quality and trendy sparkling wines
by Ca’ di Rajo

Epsilon is a project launched by Ca’ di Rajo with the purpose to promote its mission of protecting and enhancing viticulture in the Piave area and the Bellussera system. The design of the label has been inspired by a desire to celebrate two local symbols: the Piave River and the vineyards cultivated with the Bellussera method
along its banks. The reproduction of the current flowing towards the infinite evokes the concept behind the name of this range, linked to the value of the Greek letter in the field of astrophysics.

Five new labels join design and quality, are the result of handpicked grapes and a research activity planned in winery and in vineyards. A contemporary declaration of spumante, that is ideally enjoyed “on the rocks”, satisfying the tastes of modern consumers


Thank’s to a innovative technology of UV light, each EpsilonSparkling wine bottlebecome special on the night: The glamorous, colourful bottleslight up in the dark, creating a unique and impressive effect. This innovative design by Ca’ di Rajo, join together tradition e modernity.


Epsilon sparkling wines are able to offer the consumer a high-level taste experience, where tradition and innovation are combined. Wines with great drinkability that enhance the strong potential of traditional grapes,

Blends of typical local white grapes such as Pinot Grigio and Glera and modern interpretations of Moscato give a contemporary twist to the taste of the area’s historic grape varieties.

Epsilon ICE

Epsilon offers highly drinkable wines that combine tradition and innovation.. with blends of typical local white grapes such as the Pinot Grigio and Glera we add two modern “ICE” version: Prosecco Doc ICE and Moscato ICE.

Two contemporary declaration ofsparkling winethat is ideally enjoyed “on the rocks”, satisfying the tastes of modern consumers, or in a traditional way.