The Raboso Piave

Raboso Piave is an autochthonous vine variety that can be considered the pride of the eastern part of Veneto. Its history is rooted in the pre-Roman era and, as a matter of fact, it is first mentioned in the “Naturalis Historia”, wherein the latin writer Plinius speaks about a “pitch-dark” wine produced in the north-eastern part of our peninsula.

During the time of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, Raboso Piave became a major product of diffusion and commerce and Marco Polo is said to have often brought some Raboso Piave with him during his voyages towards the East.

Raboso Piave, characterized by its powerful and fierce taste, can be considered the wine par-excellence among the lands across the Piave shores, and its main production can be located across the area of Conegliano, Oderzo, San Polo di Piave and Motta di Livenza.

Drying process of the Raboso Piave

Although the process of appassimento (straw wine) of Raboso Piave grapes is an ancient tradition, it has only recently been exploited by many winemakers in order to obtain a variety of Raboso with an higher concentration of scents and a greater complexity of aroma.

During this process, grapes are laid resting on a trellis in a monitored location with precise conditions of temperature and humidity: the result will be a huge loss of water that enables the concentration of new scents within the grapes.