Epsilon Wine Luxxo Vino Spumante Brut

Epsilon Luxxo Vino Spumante Brut

Appellation: Vino Spumante

Type: Brut

Grape variety: Handpicked withe grapes

Alcohol: 11% vol


Product sheet

Epsilon Luxxo is the new brut spumante produced by Ca’ di Rajo with hand-picked white grapes. Luxxo comes in an elegant black and gold bottle with a captivating and innovative design, conceived for the young and glamorous. This spumante with a lasting perlage and intense golden yellow colour opens with floral notes on the nose, followed by a hint of mature white fruit that impresses with its elegance and refinement. It is velvety and enveloping in the mouth, pleasantly balanced, with an energetic, slightly savoury finish.

Epsilon Cocktail Mimosa con Epsilon Luxxo

Cocktail d'ingegno


  • Fresh orange juice 75 ml
  • Epsilon Luxxo 75 ml

Prepare directly in the glass. If necessary, add 0.5 ml of sugar to balance the taste.

The night
lights up.

Thanks to special technology with UV light, Epsilon spumante wines reinvent themselves at night: the bottles, glamorous and colourful, light up in the dark, creating a unique and evocative effect.

This innovative design, by Ca’ di Rajo, brings together innovation and tradition, territorial history and modernity.