Epsilon Prosecco Doc Treviso Dry ICE

Epsilon ProseccoDoc Treviso Dry Ice

Appellation: Prosecco DOC Treviso ICE

Type: Dry

Grape variety: Glera

Alcohol: 11% vol


Product sheet

Epsilon Prosecco doc Treviso Dry Ice is Ca’ di Rajo’s on the rocks answer to enjoying the summer all year round. This spumante wine, intense golden yellow in colour with a fine and persistent perlage, is perfect for the tastes of generation Y, Millennials, who love drinking bubbly on the rocks, in other words, with ice. Particularly fruity on the nose, evoking mango and guava and recalling the citrus taste of pink grapefruit, this prosecco made with hand-picked Glera grapes is voluptuous and gratifying on the palate, also because of the pleasantly bitter after-taste of grapefruit.

Epsilon Cocktail St. Germain con Epsilon Dry Ice

Cocktail d'ingegno

St. Germain

  • 60 ml St. Germain
  • Top Soda
  • Epsilon Prosecco Ice

Prepare directly in the glass with mixed fruit (strawberries, orange and cucumber).

The night
lights up.

Thanks to special technology with UV light, Epsilon spumante wines reinvent themselves at night: the bottles, glamorous and colourful, light up in the dark, creating a unique and evocative effect.

This innovative design, by Ca’ di Rajo, brings together innovation and tradition, territorial history and modernity.