Epsilon Wine
lights up the night.

Epsilon Wine Prosecco Ice
Epsilon Wine Moscato Ice

The night
lights up.

Thanks to special technology with UV light, Epsilon spumante wines reinvent themselves at night: the bottles, glamorous and colourful, light up in the dark, creating a unique and evocative effect.

This innovative design, by Ca’ di Rajo, brings together innovation and tradition, territorial history and modernity.

The sparkling
night out

Epsilon spumante wines embody style in every detail: the exclusive Epsilon design has also been transformed into a range of special clothing with the nuances of the 5 bottles, which come to life in trendy jumpsuits with an appealing look.

Epsilon range design is captivating in its materials too. The counters and ice buckets - that light up at night thanks to special technology – create the perfect atmosphere for parties and glittering evenings.

Create your Epsilon Sparkling Night Out, kit out your bar with Epsilon branded materials

Epsilon Ice

Be cool,
drink Epsilon Ice.

Epsilon offers highly drinkable wines steeped in tradition and innovation. Two modern “ICE” version interpretations are added to combinations of typical white grapes from the area, like Pinot Grigio and Glera, with one dedicated to Prosecco Doc ICE and the other to Moscato ICE. A contemporary declaration of spumante, two sparkling wines that are ideally enjoyed “on the rocks”, satisfying the tastes of modern consumers.

Epsilon on the rocks

All 5 spumante wines in the Epsilon range are products that are perfectly suited to the art of mixed drinks. With Epsilon spumante wines by Ca’ di Rajo, bartending meets quality ingredients to please even the most refined and discerning palates. For every label, Epsilon suggests various interpretations in the form of a cocktail.