The Bellussera

The Bellussera is an ancient method of vine cultivation based on a ray system. Mainly common in Veneto region, the system was invented, towards the end of XIX century, by brothers Bellussi from Tezze di Piave (TV)  in an attempt to defeat downy mildew. The Bellussera consists in a structure where four meter high poles are linked by iron cables arranged in rays. Every pole supports four vines positioned at 2.50 meters from the ground. From each vine originates permanent cordons, which grow inclined upwards and diagonally  to the lane, forming a system of rays.

Although nowadays this system is no longer in use, as it has been replaced by other methods allowing the mechanical harvest, our company is still obtaining most of its production from vineyards cultivated in this way. Moreover we are always putting lots of efforts into exalting its value and uniqueness.

This is an heritage to be absolutely preserved as it is the base of our identity and of our typicality: right from these seventy year old vineyards we have started the way to built up the greatness of our future.

Tourists and operators that visit our winery never miss the chance of taking a picture of the charming vines cultivated using this rare method.